About us

Lucian CapdefierAnalytics Evangelist / WooReports Author, Developer
I have more than fourteen years of experience in successful business and technical consulting, system design, development, implementation, training and support of mission critical systems, leveraging data integration, data management, analytics and information optimization to provide business advantage.
Marius NedeleaBack-end NodeJS Developer / WooReports Contributor, Developer
I am a senior architect with over 17 years of technology experience with versatile skills in technical and business solutions (analysis, design, development, coding, testing, delivery) and project management.
Gabriel DuracBack-end PHP Developer / WooReports Contributor, Developer
Full stack developer with strong experience in back-end integration and data modelling.
I have spent most of my professional time working with enterprise clients to value technology in the interest of the business; whether that was to digitalize business processes or to extend analytical capabilities of the company all together, it was done through the lenses of the classic software development approaches and from a vendor stand-point.

I came to learn the world of WordPress and WooCommerce starting with 2014 and I am continuously pleasantly surprised to see and feel the power of the community, the quality of the code and ever growing functionalities which are get out there on a daily basis.

Through WooReports I am contributing back to the wonderful world of open source business software, hoping to deliver the same pleasant surprise I’ve felt starting with 2014. Feel free to reach-out to us personally. We hope you enjoy it!

Lucian Capdefier