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Exporting data to CSV

A very strong & natural expectation once we know and understand which are customers which are active/inactive, returning and churning is to, well, do something with this information / act on it.

Whether it is reaching our to our marketing department or agency, or personally driving some loyalty or retention campaigns, you would expect you can take the data and further utilise it.

This is where the CSV export comes in!

WooReports is designed to help you take this next step also, by allowing you to export your data to a CSV (comma separated value) format, a format which is widely adopted for data exchange.

Data export is easily performed, simply by clicking the export button.

Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility

As always, we want to keep things simple, but never inflexible. Reason for which, there are a couple of things which you need to know to take full advantage of the exporting feature. And they are…

  • all data is exported, not just the page displayed (provided that the report is set to display a small number of customers within a longer total list of them)
  • sorting of data is preserved in the export file – so if you have sorted your customers list based on ARC Indicator, then this sorting is preserved if the .csv file as well
  • except the data, three additional blocks can be exported to the .csv file:
    1. report description – it’s always in handly to understand what were the report parameters and run-time, especially if you collaborate with this export with others or you have a daily or weekly export
    2. business column names – these come in handy because you are acquainted with the column names from the WordPress admin interface; please note, these columns can vary based on selected language; at the time of writing, WooReports comes just in English, however, this is expected to be changed
    3. technical column names – something more techy than the business column names, so you can expect underscore characters, abbreviations, etc.; these column names are planned not to be modified in subsequent versions of the plugin, therefore any automated integration needs to be based on these
  • the delimiter, enclosing and escape characters can be changed; the defaults are comma “,” for field delimiter, double quotation marks (e.g. “User Name”) for enclosing blank characters and back-slash “\” for escaping character

The WooReports settings page allow you to modify these parameters and export items.

And the output!

Opening the CSV export with spreadsheet tools like Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc.

It’s also likely that you would need to further process the export and manipulate the date with your preferred spreadsheet tool. In case you opt for keeping the report description and business names in the export, you need to be sure to configure the spreadsheet tools, when you open the .csv file, to your convenience.

In the screenshots above, you see how OpenOffice Calc is configured to open the .csv file starting with row 4, therefore excluding the report description and business column names and keeping the technical column names.

Real-time integration with likes of MailChimp or MailPoet?

Since we’re expecting most actions which ARC Indicator drives are campaigns, especially email campaigns, would it be nice to consider some integration with MailChimp? Or MailPoet? Feel free to use the comments below to express any feedback and ideas about the export function and additional integration requirements.

Lucian Capdefier

Analytics Evangelist / WooReports Author at WooReports
I have more than twelve years of experience in successful business and technical consulting, system design, development, implementation, training and support of mission critical systems, leveraging data integration, data management, analytics and information optimization to provide business advantage.

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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Exporting data to CSV

  1. Hey Lucian,

    I would like to make a purchase of the pro version of your woo report. The link that you have provided in woothemes leads to a 404. I couldn’t find your contact form. Hence, i hope this can reach you.

    I really love your plugin.


    1. Hi Jason! Yes, the 404 leads no where since we’re not yet integrated with WooThemes.

      But no worries, I will provide you a download link for WooReports non-free edition (Premium) and since you are the first customer you will get it for free!

      Once we’ll be linked to WooThemes, I will make sure you will the get licence to get the support through the official channel.

      I will email you for accessing the plugin.

      Please make sure you spread the news and provide feedback via comments or future forum on usability, use cases and/or possible issues.


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