Frequently Asked Questions

What is WooReports?

WooReports is a plugin for enhanceing reporting & analytics capabilities of WooCommerce.

You can install and configure WooReports in less than 3 minutes.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use PayPal secure payment system, which allows us to accept all kind of payments: credit cards or direct payment through a PayPal account.

How long does a licence last?

Licenses are valid for one year. You will receive support and updates as long as your license is valid. After 1 year, WooReports will continue to run without any problems. However, you will not be able to use the support or update the plugin. Licenses can be renewed at a preferential rate.

What happens if a WordPress update prevents WooReports from working properly?

We are committed to provide a patch update to all the people who bought WooReports.

Does WooReports work on a subscription basis?

No, licenses are not a subscription, but a single purchase. However, if you want to continue receiving support and updates, you must renew your license.

What happens when the license expires?

You will receive an email offering you to renew your license at a preferential price. This ensures that you will continue to receive plugin updates and access to support. WooReports will continue to operate even without updating.

Where can I find my license key?

Validation of your license happens in the background when you activate the plugin. There is no need to copy/paste any API or license keys.

Is WooReports compatible with all browsers?

Of course, WooReports works on all browsers are, however for mobile, the screen is rather small for many columns. We recommend analysis are performed on normal screens.

How is Number of Orders calculated?

Number of Orders is a count, considering:
a/ post type is in a defined list by WooCommerce (using the function wc_get_order_types( ‘order-count’ ) ); this assures we’re always in-sync with how WooCommerce looks at counting orders.
b/ post status is in a defined list by WooCommerce (using wc_get_order_statuses() ), so pretty much all possible post type status values; same advantages as above.
c/ obviously, it’s broken down by Month, in case it’s a monthly metric or it’s not, in case of Orders All.

How is Amount Spent calculated?

Amount Spent is a count, considering:
a/ post type is in a defined list by WooCommerce (using the function wc_get_order_types( ‘reports’ ) ); this assures we’re always in-sync with how WooCommerce looks at calculating the amount spent by a customer.
b/ post status is in a defined list, Completed or Processing, ( (‘wc-completed’, ‘wc-processing’) ); this is important to understand as it does not represent just th evalue of the order, it represents the value of an order once the payment has been made, provided that the usual flow of statuses is preserved and the store owner sets the order in status completed or processing once he/she acknoledges the money have been transfered to the store.
c/ obviously, it’s broken down by Month, in case it’s a monthly metric or it’s not, in case of Spent All.

Can I export the data?

Exporting as csv (comma separated values) is available in the Premium edition, together with other valuable customer insights.

How can I find out which customers are churning, returning, active, inactive?

WooReports Premium offers extended analysis by providing churning, returning, active, inactive customers. Moreover, you can set you threshold at any desired value and define more than 2 current intervals and as many as you like number of previous intervals, needed for the calculation of the other indicator values (churning, returning, etc.)

Is WooReports GPL?


How can I stay connected to what’s new?

Subscribing to our newsletter is a good way to do that. We promise we’ll just update you with what we believe as being relevant. Checkout subscription form at the bottom of our page,

What are WooReports’ system requirements?

PHP, at least version 5.3.3
MySQL, at least version 5.0.0
WordPress, at least version 4.0.1
WooCommerce, at least version 2.2

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4 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. I just installed the plugin and am trying to figure out if I can get previous data. I don’t see any way to run the report right now to get past data on customer behavior. Can I get past data?

    2. Also, I’m not sure what settings to use. I want to see customer behavior month to month over the course of 1 year. So what should I set each option to? I don’t really understand what each ‘interval’ means.

    3. Finally, is there a way to export the list of customers and total spent to date? I see the numbers of total spent in the Customer List, but no option to export that information.



    1. Dear Sharyn,

      Thank you for raising these questions – see our reply below, and let us know if we answer your questions.

      In general, please go through:

      1. You can get past data, split by months, surely, changing the displayed intervals. You can also set the reporting date as a previous date, so that you would understand customer behaviour in the past.
      2. Total number of intervals displayed should be 12. Please note interval types – current, previous considered and previous displayed – explained in the first article.
      3. There is an Export to CSV button at the top of all our reports.

      Best regards,
      WooReports Team

  2. What is the cost of the plugin. Can we separately track new and returning customers for both wholesale and retail customers?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. There is no cost currently.

      Well, yes you can – not sure what you mean with wholesale vs retail customers, but you have access to all/most user attributes.

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