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Overview of WooReports Dashboard, the new face of WooReports

With the new redesign of WooReports, you now exposes data from your WooCommerce store, without storing it on our servers, and you access it through modern UI composed of simple data grids, charts and our unique pivot grids.

WooReports is composed of:

  • a WordPress plugin which exposes store data through a secure and authorized method – we call this API (follow this link for setup instructions), and
  • a responsive and modern user interface which allows data access and perform analysis – we call this Dashboard, accessible at

This article presents a quick overview of WooReports Dashboard.

  • Welcome screen of WooReports
  • Select your WooCommerce store, once you’ve authenticated WooReports API with WooReports Dashboard (this is a secure method provided by WooCommerce)
  • Select / search the report you desire, using the Menu tree on the left
  • Upon Report selection, from the menu, data will be fetched using default filter values; to change these values press the funnel button in the header of the data grid panel; set your desired report filters; obviously, report filters vary by report; not all reports have available filters
  • Easy code completion and data validation is available for filter fields (and usually for most input or display fields)
  • Report data can be displayed using at least two methods, simple Grid and an Pivot Grid; Pivot Grid is quite similar to Microsoft’s Pivot feature; Fields are available, they can be positioned in a matrix, on columns, rows and at the intersection, offering you the possibility to analyze the data in the desired way
  • In Pivot Grids, fields can be expanded and collapsed
  • In Pivot Grids, subtotals can be displayed or not
  • In Pivot Grids, totals can be displayed or not
  • Data can be refreshed (re-fetched from your server – from WooCommerce) by pushing the button in the header of the data grid panel
  • The data display panel can be maximized for deeper focus on analyzed data
  • Data can be exported, showing Pivot Grid export feature; in Pivot Grid, you can export either only visible data, or all configured/initial displayed data, both in Excel and CSV formats
  • Data can be displayed also in simple Grids, a tabular display of data
  • Data export is available in Grids as well, both in Excel and CSV formats
  • Some reports have comprehensive filter fields, like Customer Behavior report
  • Filter fields validation is ensured by date selectors, number increment-ors and drop-down lists
  • Once data is fetched from your server, Pivot Data can be further filtered, for example, if you want to look at products that their name start with ‘Product’
  • By pressing the question mark button in the header of the data grid panel, the help window is displayed
  • Each reports is briefly presented in a help window
  • Once WooCommerce Stores are defined (see this article on how to achieve it), they need to be authenticated; this procedure must be done just one time

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Analytics Evangelist / WooReports Author at WooReports
I have more than twelve years of experience in successful business and technical consulting, system design, development, implementation, training and support of mission critical systems, leveraging data integration, data management, analytics and information optimization to provide business advantage.

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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Overview of WooReports Dashboard, the new face of WooReports

  1. […] interface which allows data access and perform analysis – we call this Dashboard (following this link for a quick overview), accessible at […]

  2. Hello! I have installed the Plug-in as told in the description, I See the Dashboard but unfortunately, there is no Data to get. What‘s going wrong with it? I use Woocommerce 2.6.14, Maybe there is any conflict with it?

    1. Hi Sandra, we are remediating this issue, hope we will get is working by 27 Dec 2017. All the best, and Merry XMas!

    2. Should be up & running. Please confirm back. All the best!

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