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WooReports Complements existing WooCommerce reporting capabilities in customer and product domains, sales transactions and overall store performance management. Includes the report – New, Active, Returning, Churning, Inactive WooCommerce Customers List, Analytical and Sales by Each Product. More info here. 2.0.0 For $129/year you get 12 months of updates, premium support and business content.

WordPress Accurate Geolocation Map Plot our visitors and users on Google Maps to see exactly from where they are accessing your website. Works as an extension to our free plugin, WordPress Accurate Geolocation. 1.0.0 For $29 you get 12 months of premium support.

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WordPress Accurate Geolocation Accurate Geolocation with HTML5, modern and advanced geographic location identification features! 1.0.0 Free. Follow the link to