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Setting up WooReports

With the new redesign of WooReports, we not only changed the UI/UX, but the entire solution.

WooReports is composed of:

  • a WordPress plugin which exposes store data through a secure and authorized method – we call this API, and
  • a responsive and modern user interface which allows data access and perform analysis – we call this Dashboard (following this link for a quick overview), accessible at

This article explains how WooReports API is installed and configured to work with WooReports Dashboard.

  1. Install WooReports API (Free) from repository; this is a standard step for most WordPress/WooCommerce users. Make sure you have the previous versions of WooReports deactivated or uninstalled from your site.

    Note 1: WooReports API is found at,
    Note 2: For How To install a plugin, go to

  2. Go to WooCommerce > Settings page > Integration tab > optionally, select WooReports if you have more than one tab and you should see this screen, where you need to specify the email address and the store path of your store; by default, these values will be pre-populated for you, make sure to change them accordingly. Click Save to proceed.

    Note 1: In case your server can user secure http, then be sure to set it accordingly.
    Note 2: Usually API security should be enabled; you can however disable it, but this will make WooReports API endpoints accessible by applications which are not authorized with WooCommerce.

  3. You will be taken yo for to login/register your user and store your website path as a WooReports Store. Login/register to proceed.

    Note 1: Make sure you are logged of from
    Note 2: In case you already have a user with, you need not to register another user, you can add your store to the existing list of stores.

  4. You will be taken to your Account page, at WooReports Stores subpage, where you have all your stores listed, or just the newly created one. Each store will need to be authorized just one and you do that by clicking Authorize button, next to your store.

    In case you have multiple stores, you can set one of them to be the default one, and it will be default selected when you access WooReports Dashboard.

  5. You will be taken to your store (your website) to perform autorization of your store with WooReports. You will need to login to your store (or, in case already logged in, you will skip this step)

  6. You will be asked to accept authorization of WooReports with your store.

    Note 1: In case you have logged to your store which has unsufficient privileges, then this process will fail. You need to be logged in with a user that holds manage_store capability; or, a user in any of these roles Administrator or a Store Manager.

  7. Once you authorize your store, you will be taken back to WooReports and your store will have read permissions set. No other actions can be performed your your store, unless you have several of them, thus allowing you to set only one as default, as previously mentioned.

  8. Click the top link Dashboard or follow this link, and you will be taken to WooReports Dashboard.

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Posted on 23 Comments

23 thoughts on “Setting up WooReports

  1. How do I download the plugin ?

    1. WooReports API resides on repository. Simple go to you WordPress site admin menu, Plugins, Add New, Search for WooReports.

    2. Hi, please follow the instructions here.

  2. […] you do not have WooReports installed, follow these […]

  3. I installed the plug-in and I see my store on the account page, but I cannot authorize. When I click the Authorize button it takes me to a page not found “error 404 page”

    1. Please let us know the destination Url to which you are being sent and your store Url, as displayed in the stores’ list, under your account.

    2. Also, make sure you have Rest API enabled on your store.

      “To enable the REST API within WooCommerce, visit the WooCommerce > Settings > API tab and tick the Enable REST API checkbox.”

    3. See last reply please.

  4. I am also having trouble setting this up – I am getting the 404 page not found error when I try to authorize my store. I have followed the setup instructions, entered the email/store url/enabled api security on the settings/integration page, rest api is also enabled.

    1. What version of WC are you using?

      1. Please also check the validity of the following link, on your store:

        Change to your store url; https or http.

        If you get a 404 error, then something is not right with your store.
        We will further explore what solutions we could indicate, but kind request to explore if the link above works.

          1. You’ve done something wrong in this case – see the callback is and that is an issue. Please follow the instructions on setup at each step and that will help to correctly install the components and have the WooReports working.

    2. See replies.

  5. Does it show orders by role? Meaning Retail (customer) – Wholsale?

    1. Hi Michael, user-role is offered in the customer behaviour reports. You can get to order level in those reports. Should you need it in the other reports, do let us know, we can have a look at extending them.

      Happy reporting!
      WooReports Team

  6. How do I use this, I installed step by step as adviced.

    1. Have you reached step 8? If so, you have the reports on the left side.

      Also go through this guide which helps you understand the WooReports UI:

  7. Just released versions 2.0.2 of WooReports API, which fixes report Customer Behaviour for clients with MySQL version above 5.5.5 without crypto functions enabled.

    Report like a boss!

  8. Installed as per step by step guide, however when i go to the dash board at, I do not see any data being recieved.

    have confirmed that my store has been authenticated and as read permissions set.

    1. Hi, we are remediating this issue, hope we will get is working by 27 Dec 2017. All the best, and Merry XMas!

    2. Should be up & running. Please confirm back. All the best!

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