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WooCommerce Products Affinity

Products affinity looks at which products were frequently ordered together by customers – think Amazon’s ‘Customers also bought’ section. By analysing this, you’ll be able to spot patterns in customer’s orders in order to accurately cross-sell to future customers purchasing one of those products.

Now you can easily spot these relationships between products and link or group your products together in WooCommerce as follows this is

  • Identify products likely to be purchased together
  • Identify anchor products that drive sales of other associated products
  • Determine items that create a pull-through and need to be promoted
  • Enhance sell-in and in-store placement recommendations with credible, fact- based analysis
  • Develop optimal promotion plans that benefit you and your suppliers
  • Identify true and artificial affinities among products
  • Identify product relationships in multi-channel environment

Spotting these relationships is easy with WooReports’s new report, Products Affinity.

The report displays a matrix of all your ordered products within a given time interval and shows at the intersection of each two products how many times both products have been ordered together.

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