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WooCommerce customer acquisition rate and churn rate, activity status by time – the good stuff

Take a stand for keeping your customers!

Since now you can know which of your customers are new, active, returning, churning and inactive, you can now make an objective to:

  • increase the number of new customers
  • retain your churning customers
  • reward loyalty for active and returning customers
  • keep active your customer base

How does it work

First thing, in case your are not familiar with ARC Customers List report, you need to familiarise yourself with it. Link here.

Since ARC Analytical is built upon ARC Customers List, you need to expect the number of customers split by ARC indicator, expressed as absolute figures and percentages, offered at various/multiple calculation dates, so that you can analyse the dynamics of your customer in time.

For a simpler and quicker analysis, visual charts are available as well, for both absolute figures (line charts) and stacked columns for percentages.

How do I set it up

After a convenient parametrisation of ARC Customers List, you just need to setup the following two parameters for ARC Analytical to work:

  • Number of cycles – number of ARC Analytical times the report will run in the past. Note, the first cycle is run at Report Run Date (so either execution time or a defined date) and the next ones at last day within the previous interval; e.g. if Report Run Date is set at 15th of May, the second cycle will run with date 31st of March if Interval Type is Quarter, since that is the last day of previous quarter
  • Week’s last day – configure the last day of the week. Note, used just when interval type is set to Week, as part of the configurations of ARC Customers List report

Obviously, you need to have WooReports installed as a plugin, on top of your WooCommerce based e-store.

Et voilĂ !

Click through the below screen shots to have a first look at ARC Analytical.


Our demo platform is updated and you can see both ARC Customers List and ARC Analytical in action. Access demo at this link.


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1 thought on “WooCommerce customer acquisition rate and churn rate, activity status by time – the good stuff

  1. Update 1.2.1

    Report has been renamed to “Customer behaviour analytical”

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