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WooReports Free – a starter-pack WooReports edition to understand you new customers

Install directly from the free edition of WooReports, offering the report which displays the list of customers and which of them are new, meaning that they have not made any orders or payments in the life-time of your eCommerce store.

Please explain

‘New’ indicator is set if your customer has more or equal orders or has spent more or equal amount during the current time intervals and has less orders or has spent less amount in all his life-time being a customer versus the set thresholds. The thresholds are set to 1 order and $1 (or your WooCommerce selected currency).

Limited configuration is available also, by changing the number of months which are considered as current intervals; you can configure the reports to run with either 1 or 2 current intervals and these intervals are of type ‘month’.


So, a New customer is considered if he/she has, for example, 3 orders totalling $350 in month of August (current month) and has no orders before that.

Give me more!

Goodies are included as well – column selectors, searching, sorting. Whereas advanced stuff like data exporting is available in WooReports Premium, together with a comprehensive and advanced calculation of customer behaviour, resulting in a report which displays not only New customers, but as well as Active, Returning, Churning and Inactive customers, by analysing a configurable number of intervals, of types such as year, quarters, months, weeks and even days.

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