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WordPress Accurate Geolocation Map

Plot our visitors and WordPress users on Google Maps to see exactly from where they are accessing your website!

A WordPress plugin, signed by WooReports

WordPress Accurate Geolocation Map plugin integrates with WordPress Accurate Geolocation plugin and allows you to explore from what exact location your users have accessed your website. The data stored in wp_options table is read, filtered optionally and plotted on a Google Maps with multiple markers which represent location points from where your website has been accessed.

The blue markers represent visitors, whereas the green markers represent logged-in WordPress users.

Map interactions

You can filter the geolocation stored data and display data within a given interval (say start and end of quarter – Date from 01-01-2015 to 31-03-2015).

You can click on each market and it will provide your WordPress users’ first and last name, having in brackets the WordPress User ID, if available, otherwise “- (0)”.

Download WordPress Accurate Geolocation from

Access this link to install WordPress Accurate Geolocation,

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Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “WordPress Accurate Geolocation Map

  1. […] accessing your website. This extension is offered by WooReports team, for more information go to and learn how easy it is to set it up and use […]

  2. The menu of the accurate geolocation not show on dashboard.. this plugin is compatible for the wordpress 4.4.4?

    1. Please note, there are two plugins – WordPress Accurate Geolocation Map and WordPress Accurate Geolocation. The first one offers the functionality to plot the users on a map and this is licensed with 9$ / year. The second one just captures the data and this is free.

      All the best,
      WooReports Team

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